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Theod Poster- WIP + Speedpaint by CanineHybrid

Hokay! This is my first time critiquing so it may not seem like the most amazing one you've received but I'll try my best. xD First of ...



Hey there everyone! So with RMFC coming up pretty soon here, I gotta get my butt into gear and fix up the colors on my markings! Since the commissions aren't going so well due to no one biting, I'm gonna make some fanart to try and draw people to commissioning me and maybe even update my examples! Plus this will give me the chance to make prints whenever I get a table at some con with :icondraga03: since we plan on sharing a table together. <: :heart: I'll have to scour my apartment for some paper cause it's easier for me to sketch things out on actual paper rather then a canvas especially since I get better results that way. I just wish I had a cintiq tablet. ;A; Those are so expensive! 
Advertising my commissions is really serious cause I'm currently looking for a second job heck if possible a higher paying job because my job alone isn't enough to help me pay off all my bills and I'm struggling everyday to feed myself and get gas. Every cent helps me out on whatever I can recieve. This Sunday I will be getting a haircut because my hair is getting too long for my comfort and I rather not pay more money when my hair gets down to my shoulders cause the barbershop I go to charges more if a person is getting their haircut past their shoulders. >>; Hopefully I can get a better paying job soon and start filling out applications like crazy! If anyone locally can help me out I would really appreciate it! This is also another reason why I haven't been able to hang out with many people except for my room mates but...they're roomies so I pretty much see them every single day. lD; I miss hanging out with some of my bestest buddies but with being completely broke, it's really difficult to see people. Mostly because I want to have lunch or something with peeps usually. 
Back to RMFC, it's two weeks! *excites* The majority of my upcoming paycheck will be going to the con after I pay off the rest of my rent/internet bill. Which means food for the con weekend! ...and maybe one or two commissions but I really need to print off my fursona's reference sheet. I'll be staying with a friend I met at Oklacon and :icondraga03: so it'll be a blast! Kinda wish I had a suit to wear but no worries I'll just be wandering around and chilling out with my fellow artists after they're done with the Dealer's Den. Probably most of the time I'll be in the Dealer's Den or just finding a place to sit down and do tons of drawings. xD Also if any of my watchers are going to RMFC, please PLEASE address me as a male and known as "Jin". I understand it will take some time to fix your pronouns around me but I really would appreciate it if you used male pronouns! Thank you for understanding!
Anyways gotta head to work pretty soon here so catch you all next time!
- Jin
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Hello! I'm Jin as you all can see up thar. XD a small personal bio about myself. I'm pansexual and for those that don't understand what it means, it's basically that I accept all genders or whatever into my love life though I tend to lean more towards females and trans, plus my zodiac symbol is Cancer so I'm a crabby person. XD I've been drawing/doing art since offically middle school up till then. I most certainly don't plan on stopping any time soon since it's a passion of mine. <3 I'm more out going online then in person cause...I tend to be extremely awkward and shy in person so don't be put off if you meet me face to face one day! <8D;

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